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HX1000 Cables Question


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Hey Guys



Just wanna ask , Our local Suppliers were not very helpful or friendly...


I have had a HX1000 for roughly 3 months, and bought it as my goal was to go TRI SLI GTX285 on my rampage 2....


The one problem is, as i have never checked the cables were always sealed... is the 4 Modular PCI-E cables that come with it... The GTX 285 needs two 6 PIN PCI-E connectors... The 4 cables i have, 2 are 6 pin and the other two are 8 pin so i can only run SLI not TRI... I was under the impression the cables are supposed to be 6+2 pin and you can change them either to 6 or 8 pin... Spoke to other guys on my local forum and they say theirs are...


I attached the pic so you guys can see...



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I believe the older version HX1000's came with solid 8 pins because at that time it was believed 8 pin was the way of the future. Newer models came with 6+2 once it was realised that improvements in power efficiency meant cards only had dual 6 pin.


You can order 6+2 cables free of charge from the link in my first post.

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