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12Gb - TR3X6G1866C7GTF Stable on RIIE+975

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Hi there,


Just to let you know, 2 kits of TR3X6G1866C7GTF for a total amount of 12Gb works fine on ASUS RIIE @stock & ram set to default specs.


Parameters :

- RAM SPEED : 1866 Mhz

- RAM SETUP : 7-7-7-20-2

- VDRAM : 1,70V measured.

- VQPI : 1,45V measured


System tested stable while running OCCT stress test for 6', this topics will be also updated following to tests results.



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Hi there,

I have approximatively the same config of you:


I Have a little probleme when i install the 2 kit.


So this is what i have done:


In a first time, i install just one kit of 6Go Mémory.

Then i install vista 64bit.

When the installation is complete, i restart the computer and configure the motherboard bios to use the XMP profile (cpuz show that i was using DDR3 1333 CL9 without this conf.).


when everything was ok, i put the 2nd kit on the motherboard. I try to start the computer, but just can't boot it, Black screen.


i reset the bios (thanks ASUS reset button ^^) and after that, i can start the computer with the default setings for the memory (DDR3 1333 cl9 ....).


When online on Vista, and a little bios update later, i reconfigure the XMP profile to use XMP-1866 and TADA !!!


it work ^^


Vista see 12Go DDR3 ^^ the systeme seems stable (just test WOW and sims3 on it for the game ;D, but also test CS4, CATIA, AUTOCAD and they are working fine)


Don't have really stress the memory for the moment :D


(maybie crysis will do it ;) for me)


link to screen that i have done:




Sory for the english (not english^^)

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Was runing fine for 4 or 5 days before I started to get some failure.


To fix the problem I've downclocked the ram at 1600 instead of 1866.


This ran again perfectly for 1 week and suddenly same problem again.


Today :


Only 1 6Gb Kit seems to work correctly @1600, the second one allways fail even trying to run @1333, sometime the bios show 6Gb, sometime 4Gb and sometime when booting, with 6Gb CPU-Z report me that one of the module isn't Dominator GT 1866 CL7 but 2000 CL8, strange no ???


If I use Kit 1, no problem until 1600, after the system won't boot or become unstanble, if I use Kit 2, it's crashing or booting with only 4Gb detected 90% of the time.


If I use Kit 1+2, sames behavior but with 8Gb detected instead of 12Gb 90% of the time, also the system is very unstable when using heavy applications.




Think Kit 2 have a clear module defect, maybe 2 because one of them is not detected as Dominator GT1866 CL7 but GT2000 CL8 instead, for Kit 1 I realy don't know, it's seems to run correctly @1600 but not @1866, so maybe it's fine but my parameter are wrong but why today and not few weeks before?



Could you be able to post me the bios parameter you set on the RII bios on the main configuration pages and CPU & DDR3 latency configuration pages?


I would like to make some comparison between what I've and what you put.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi, i don't have the RIIE, but the ASUS P6T deluxe V2, well i think that the bios are probably the same, will trye to put screen if you want.


What have you done to get the faillure??


Have you trye to update the bios? because with the bios installed from factory, i just can't boot with more than 6Gb of memory, at full speed, i have update it and everything work find.

in your CPU-Z info, have you the same info that i have on mine??


cf this link:



Will do this tonight, it's 17H27, will do pictures and post them at 20H- 20h30.


Donne the screen:










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