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4Ghz with the H50!


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Hi there most of you are probably sick of me by now but here is the final chapter of my H50 story:


During this last week I have been playing around with my new rig and the H50. I got it as far as 3.8Ghz and all my friends have been telling me I should give the 4Ghz a go. I had tried it before but I got BSOD so hence the 3.8ghz till now.


Any way I went back into the BIOS and put a couple of voltages up a notch and now have it running at the 4Ghz.


Corsair H50 cooler with scythe 1900rpm and speed controller added


I started Prime95 x64 and gave it 1 hour to do its thing.

Room temp was 24.2 - 24.4c during the hour





As you can see it peaked at 74c. After the first 15 minutes the temperature for the hottest core settled at 71 - 72c


Again not bad at all I think I'm quite happy with that. I completely forgot about the IR gun till just after I closed everything down so I have no other temps for you :(


The H50 has done me proud :)

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