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Problem with VX450


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I am having the following problems with my power-supply (or at least I am thinking that the PSU is causing the problem).


The system worked okay for several months, but now for the last 6 weeks te systeem went down unexpectedly. First though was a windows issue..

But when the system went down and didn't power up anymore (It powered-up and shutdown in 2 seconds).


This has to be a hardware problem, first thought was that the system was draining to much power from the PSU.

I disconnected two drives (the Seagate's) and to my suprise the system was working perfect again.


This setup was workign now for 2 weeks, and it just shutdown again...

After removing again three (did test with 1/2/3 but didn't work) drives .. it boots again..


So I am thinking its a PSU problem.. Should I conatct Corsair for warranty or coudl it be something else ?


Please advice.






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Just be test it again.


I booted up the system again, and to my suprise the system started (completed the POST).


Shut it down again and connected the Seagates (the drive that I

disconnected a couple of weeks agao). And ... it worked.


Very strange, I changed nothing. The only thing that I did was kept the system off for a weekend..


It might also be a cooling issue, but the system is has 5x 80mm fans and 1x 90mm fan. So I don't think that the issue.


Any idea's

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Now the system stopped after working a couple of hours. (completed shutdown).


Hitting the On switch made the fans come alive, and down again (system makes no beeps, nothing on display (keeps black).


Opened the case. Removed the connection to some fans, and .. it booted again.


The fans where connected with a resistor between them (to lower the voltage).

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