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Not sure what the forum this belongs in, but I wanted to make Corsair aware of this possible issue.


I had a failed 1000HX PSU. Filled out the RMA online, recieved the RMA #. Packed the PSU in a box and shipped it back to Corsair. Through the UPS tracking number I know it was signed for and received on 7/3/09.


The original email that is emailed has a link to track the status of your RMA. I started checking it the following week and it kept saying that the defective part was never received. Not a big problem, as I was anticipating giving Corsair around 72 hours to handle it (business days, obviously the 4th excluded).


So, by 7/8 the status said the same thing. I was getting ready to ask what the heck was going on in regards to at least receiving my part. When I got home from work a package was waiting for me...a brand new 1000HX PSU.


In short:


1)As of now 7/10, the link in the original email still says defective part not received.

2) Corsair sent me a complete new boxed unit with cables in retail packaging, which surprised me...in a quick fashion. They must have shipped it using 3 day shipping the same day. Impressed with that and they have my accolades.

3) The RMA tracking link is not functioning as intended.


I have to admit, I wasn't real pleased with the fact the PSU died within 2 months and I had to ship it back. Not only that, but according to the status of the RMA web page caused me to have concerns. After receiving a complete new unit in the time promised did wonders in restoring my faith in their customer service.


However, you might want to look into the RMA tracking to prevent customer frustration in the future. And if you really want to make friends, offer advanced replacement with your products. Not saying you need to with all of them, but the higher end stuff should have the additional bonus of a quick replacement to get your rig back running.

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What was your Case or RMA number and I will check the case, but more then likely it was delayed because of the Holiday here and the on line status is a few days behind what is really going on.
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