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Needing tech info (CM3X1024-1800C7DIN & TW3X2G1800C7DFNV)


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I am trying to find the Corsair PDF tech files for some fast memory that EVGA says will work with my motherboard.


The modules are:


Corsair CM3X1024-1800C7DIN

Corsair TW3X2G1800C7DFNV


Can someone please give me the linkd to the PDF files, or post up their specifications.


Feedback on these modules is welcomed.



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Thanks for the reply.


The modules that Corsair currently suggests are way slower than 1800MHz.


I need the specs on these 1800 MHz memory modules so that I can decide which is better for my over-clocked computer's setup.


Can someone post up the specs or give me a link to the PDF files for these two memory modules?

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