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H50 IR Temperature Results


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Hi There,


A bit later than promised I've only just managed to get the IR gun from work today. I had posted both here and on other forums about the temperature that the H50 brings into the case as its being used. A lot of people have been saying that the H50 would bring extra unwanted heat into the case. I have done a few readings to prove how minimal the extra heat coming in is with my 2 fan setup.

The extra fan is a 120mmx25mm 1900 rpm with a fan-mate 2 to adjust speed.


My setup is an Intel I7 920 @ 3.8Ghz on an Asus P6T with 12GB ram and x2 GTX 260 in SLi


Bear in mind that its summer time here in the UK and room temp through out was between 25.2 - 25.7c


First of all I took a reading after 1 hour of being idle. This read 26.9c not bad just 1.2c above room temp at that time.



I put the side of the case back on and ran Prime95 x 64 for just over an hour. All the fans on my 1200 case bar 1 are set as intake fans and set on low speed. The very large fan on top is running on medium speed and is the only fan being used as an exhaust. The extra 1900rpm fan on the radiator was set to near slowest speed. During the hour the CPU temp peaked at 73c. But after the first 15 minutes temps settled at 68-70c



Straight after I took that snapshot I took a reading from my only exhaust fan at the top. The reading was 27.8 which was 2.4c above room temp at the time.



As quickly as I could I took the side of the case of and took a reading off the H50. The reading was 28.4c which was 3c above room temp.




So an extra 3c above room temp is of course an increase but hardly any thing to worry about I think. Bearing in mind that I have 5 other fans blowing air in just a couple of degrees below and that after several hours of gaming real temp 3.0 marked highest core temp to be 62c I have nothing to worry about clocked at 3.8Ghz

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Thank you for taking the time to post your results, I'm sure they will be helpful for others! The thing to keep in mind about the H50 is that depending on the way your case is setup there may be some configurations that will out perform our recommended installation. Realistically there is no single configuration that is always going to out perform all others, because of the amount of different types of cases out there and the fact that every user will have a slightly different hardware and fan configuration in their case. The best thing to do would be to test it a few ways and see what gives you the best results. Of course the difference between installing it our way and another way may not be substantial, but when you are overclocking every degree counts!
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