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HX450W whining, emitting permanent high-pitched noise


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Hi there at Corsair,


Based on my subjectively good experience with my HX520, I advised a friend to build a rig with a HX450.

The rig consists of:


Processor: Intel E8400 E0

Motherboard: Asus Commando

Memory: ;): BL2KIT25664AA80A 2x2GB

Graphic card: HIS Radeon HD4850 Fan 512MB

Hard drive: Western Digital WD6400AAKS

Optical drive: Optiarc AD-7240S

Fans: Arctic Cooling AF9225L (X2) and AF12025L (X2)

And the aforementioned power supply: Corsair HX450


Problem is that the PSU is emitting a permanent high pitched noise, very irritating and highly intrusive.

We've heard the noise since the first seconds we've powered on the system.

It's not about comfort, you simply can't ignore the noise. The PSU whistles constantly!

The PSU was just purchased and is new.


The systems runs with normal/standard settings, no OC at all.


Before posting here, we've made some tests, here are our findings:


-Noise is permanent

-Noise increases with current/power load: CPU load, GPU load and even HDD activity!

-Noise character, frequency, loudness vary with system activity


-With CPU load, noise is very very loud! Like someone whistling in some kind if dog whistle in your ear...


-Unplugging the PCI-E cable for graphic cards doesn't change noise

-Removing the graphic card doesn't change noise


-Noise is present permanently even with only CPU and memory on the motherboard


For the time being we cannot make tests with another motherboard/CPU combo, or on another electrical installation...

But as our tests show it, we suspect the PSU is faulty (or has some kind of strange coil/capacitor resonating problem).


I'll check if the noise is present with the Brief PSU test in a few hours and report here.

Other test suggestions are welcome as I'd rather get this PSU functionning silently... better than RMA!


For the record, we're in France, with an European version of the PSU.


Thanks for your support!



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  • Corsair Employees

It is the RAM you are using! :D: just kidding...


Please loosen up the fan screws a little. Is it connected to a UPS? Have you tried a different wall outlet? Make sure you have the latest video card driver installed.

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It is the RAM you are using! :D

Are you joking? Because I'm not!

Please loosen up the fan screws a little.

Do you really mean that over-tighten screws can make a fan make high pitched noise above 2 kHz?

By reading this board, I've even untighten the fan screws before the first power on... ;)

Is it connected to a UPS?

No, otherwise I would have specified this or tried without.

Have you tried a different wall outlet?

Yes, fortunately, otherwise I wouldn't have even tried on another electrical installation (another house).

BTW, PSU behaves the same at my neighbor's.

Make sure you have the latest video card driver installed.

Did I specified that the PSU emits noise permanently/immediately at power on? Oh yes, I did.


Hmmm, that's GREAT support!

If I'd expect such answers, I wouldn't have loosen time to post this (detailed) message.


BTW, the PSU emits this awful very high pitched noise even when "brief PSU testing", although noise is weakened compared when it's plugged on the motherboard.


Fortunately, the shop where I bought the PSU just has replied and offers direct exchange based on my report without asking any other question.


I'll get you in touch if I face the same problem with the next new PSU.



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  • 3 months later...

I recently bought a HX450 and are experiencing the exact same problems. I have tested with two different PSUs from different brands, they also make their own distinct high pitched noise and or buzzing.


I have tried most the above without luck. What can I do to get rid of the noise?:confused:

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  • Corsair Employees
It sounds like you have ruled out quite a few possibilities, so its either got to be the PSU or possibly the motherboard. You may want to try testing the PSU in a different sytsem if possible, but it's looking like we will want to replace the unit for you, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”
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I have now tested the unit on another setup. I get the same buzzing noise.


What I also noticed in both cases, is that when the computer is turned off, the PSU still makes a constant high pitched noise. It is when i put my ear next to it i hear it very well when the computer is off. It stops of course when i switch the PSU itself off. This can't be normal? None of my other PSUs has this problem.


Looks like i have to RMA it...(?) or use the 14 days return policy that the retailer i bought it from has.. I have read many good reviews on this PSU, hope I don't have to go for another brand ;):

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