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520 HX - Unsure if I should RMA it


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I'm not sure if my power supply is working properly or not.


Specs: In profile. Four months ago I switched from a Geforce 8800 GTS 512mb to a EVGA Geforce GTX 260 Core 216 graphics card (896-P3-1255-AR).


I know I know, I asked several times and enough people's opinion was I had enough power to run that thing. I DID ask. Also, I do not overclock. Not a game out there that interests me in doing that. In addition, I've only played Unreal Tournament 3, Plants vs Zombies, Heavy weapon, and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. That's been it. Never pushed the card to it's limit or anything.


So the situation was this. A capacitor blew on my Geforce GTX 260. I had to clear the CMOS to get the computer up and running again. However it took a while and it seemed like it was having a hard time powering up. Fans would run half speed or not at all, even on the CPU heatsink the first few times I tried powering up. I got a Gefoce 7300 LE 128mb graphics card in there right now as the GTX 260 is getting replaced. Everything "seems" to be running fine but I have my doubts if it really is.


Was I having issues before this? Mostly no except for one thing. I've been running Windows 7 RC1 the past few months and have let it run into hibernate mode if I'm away from the computer for more than an hour. One tap of the mouse key and I'm back in business within 3 seconds. Amazingly faster than how Vista does it. Saves energy too which is great. I used to leave my PC on all the time since Hibernate on Vista wouldn't work well on my PC. Would take too long to get into hibernate mode, too slow to resume, and if you did resume don't even think about installing a program unless you reboot the PC first. Vista hates that. Windows 7 seems more forgiving on that issue.


So the issue was even on Windows 7, there was one small bug where it would power down.... but not completely. I'd know this right away because I own a Logitech G15 keyboard and it's still powered on... sort of. The orange light would flicker like there wasn't enough power going to it. In hibernate mode, the keyboard light would turn off too, normally. So one tap of the mouse does nothing. Press a few keyboard keys, nothing happens. I'd have to go to the power supply to turn it off and then back on and then press the power button to boot it back up. Windows would take a long time to resume and that would be it. Only happened a few times, was a little annoying but never thought much about it. The other small thing was resuming from hibernation in that the fans would kick in at 100% speed for a second or two. Even the graphics card. Didn't seem odd or anything and seemed to work well.


So when the graphics card blew a capacitor, Windows 7 was in a hibernated state, and the Logitech keyboard was half powered on again with the light flickering on and off. After trying to power on a few times, the computer started smelling really bad which was when Evga realized it was a bad capacitor at that point. I mean, the fans would power on for 1 second before shutting down right away. Did this a few times and noticed the smell at that point. Also realized that for a computer that's been in hibernate mode for 8 hours, my graphics card was extremely hot to the touch.


So what was it? Bad graphics card? Bad card due to lack of power? Bad motherboard? Or the power supply? For me, it's all of the above, but I'm not sure I have a valid enough excuse to ask for a replacement. In addition, I don't know if I can replace and upgrade to the 620w HX model instead for a few extra dollars. Hate to spend $150 after I just spent $120 last year on the 520w HX model. Darn thing has got to have enough juice for Popcap games and the Internets. No excuse why this wouldn't work.


The end result is a brand new GTX 260 for starters. I'm probably going to buy the GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R motherboard unless someone can tell me of a motherboard that supports hibernate properly with software that doesn't crash after 5 minutes advertising itself as "Dynamic Energy Saver". This just leaves me with what to do with the 520w HX. Replace for the same and sell it? Ask for a 620w HX and cross my fingers?


I don't know what to do and that's why I posted this here. Thank you.

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HX520 is enough power for a GTX260, heck my less powerful 500w handles it fine. I would say that this was all caused by the faulty graphics card (graphics cards and their drivers are always causing hell with hibernate and sleep). Though your post was quite long winded and hard to follow so maybe I'm missing something.
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