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32GB Flash Very Slow - See Screen Shots


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Hi all.....just wanted your opinion on the speed of my flash drives,I have two drives a 8 GB and a 32GB Flash Voyager.


I just download and ran the latest HD Bench software that everyone seems to be using. I did three test with the 32GB and 2 with the 8GB. I have over 20 computers and have tired this on 2 or 3 others with basically the same results...so I wouldn't think my PC is the issue.


Here are the screen caps of the 32GB Flash Drive:


1. http://www.chandlerdataprofessionals.com/misc/corsair/FlashVoyager 32GB - Pic 01.jpg


2. http://www.chandlerdataprofessionals.com/misc/corsair/FlashVoyager 32GB - Pic 02.jpg


3. http://www.chandlerdataprofessionals.com/misc/corsair/FlashVoyager 32GB - Pic 03.jpg


Here are the screen caps of the 8GB Flash Drive:


4. http://www.chandlerdataprofessionals.com/misc/corsair/FlashVoyager 8GB - Pic 01.jpg


5. http://www.chandlerdataprofessionals.com/misc/corsair/FlashVoyager 8GB - Pic 01.jpg


Here is one of the photos for the 32GB drive...I didn't post the rest so as to save page load time for others.






What do you all think?

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Hi Ram Guy,


I have exactly the same issue and the same drive.


I tried everything:


1. Format the drive to different file systems and/or cluster sizes.


2. Test it on several systems.


The read speed is OK (approx. 26MByte/sec), but I never got better write speed than 5500KB/s.


The interesting is, that ATTO write test almost every time give me 16-17MByte/sec. write speed during tests, but I cannot reproduce it with a real file transfer. I mostly copy big (several hundred Mbyte) files.


Sould I try anything else, or use the RMA form mentioned above?


Thank you!



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My flash voyager 32 gigs have the same issue.

I was copying a small java project from an XP OS and was surprise how slow was the transfer.


I did other test with VISTA ans win 7 and have the same issue.


Note : Java project contains many small file. I just did a 2 mg java project and it took 2.33 minutes


Can I use the RMA?

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Hi Ram Guy


Here the results


š š š HDBENCH Ver 3.40 beta 6 ©EP82‰ü/‚©‚¸ š š š

M/B Name

Processor 2194.50MHz[GenuineIntel family 6 model F step A]

Processor 2194.50MHz[GenuineIntel family 6 model F step A]

VideoCard RDPDD Chained DD

Resolution 1280x768 (32Bit color)

Memory 1048,575 KByte

OS 5.1 (Build: 2600) Service Pack 3

Date 2010/04/27 22:34



Read Write RRead RWrite Drive

21620 5694 21691 2019 H:\2000MB

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