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tx650 - power surging??


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I have a TX650 running on an ASUS M4a78T-E mobo with 64bit vista. The system ran fine for a couple of weeks with no issues. Then blue screen when the computer was idle, almost booted 2 more times (frooze entering windows) and now won't boot (post) at all. Lights come on and fans start. I can hear the fan speed rising and falling though, sort of revs up, then a quick drop in rpms and back up again. Does this sound like the power supply or mobo? (I've also tried booting without the video card powered, reset mobo bios to defaul by jumper and a few other things, same result)

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Does the fan speed raise and fall if you do the paperclip test?


paperclip test


First, disconnect all the cables from your motherboard and other devices, but leave the power supply plugged into the wall. Next, bend the paperclip until you have a U shape. Find the 24-pin ATX connector and plug one part of the paperclip into the socket where the green wire ends, and the other end into the socket where a black wire ends. Make sure the power switch on the back of the PSU is on, (should be the I symbol) and the fan should spin up. If it doesn’t, your power supply may be bad.

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