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Stuttering and Hiccups with my new Corsair 750TX


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hello everyone this mt first post here in the forum


well to get to the point i just bought a new Corsair 750TX from amazon for the good reviews i saw about it and to give me some room for future upgrades

but guess what i found big big disappointment :mad:


when i installed it it gave me strange stuttering in games and in videos even in youtube , its a stuttering with weird noise like hiccups , but the strange thing it doesn't give me any problem no shutdown no booting problem nothing it stable but it give me this weird hiccup thing so i uninstall it and installed my old psu back , guess what everything is smooth like butter again , unisntall my old psu and installed the corsair , hiccups and stuttering is back again


so what do u guys think did amazon sent me a bad psu ?


my trusty old PSU ******** PowerStream 520Watt +3.3v@28a ,+5.5v@40a , +12v@33a


and i also noticed a missing pin "empty pin" in the corsair's 24-pin cable is it normal ?



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