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Upgrade memory and lose the internet?


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I recently bought and upgraded my system's memory from 2GB to 4GB. The system had one set of CORSAIR DDR2 800 2GB dual channel TWIN2X2048-6400C4 memory sticks installed and everything worked fine. I then bought another set of the same memory and installed it (making it 4 x 1GB) However, when I turned the computer back on, windows detected 3.4 GB of memory, as expected, but could not detect either GB LAN ports on the motherboard, and thus I lost internet. I removed the RAM back to the original 2 GB and like magic the LAN ports and internet came back. So how does upgrading the memory cause me to loose internet?
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Sounds like a problem with the BIOS. I would make sure you have the latest BIOS and then load setup defaults. You will then want to manually configure the following settings:


Memory Voltage: 2.1v

Memory Frequency: 667MHz

TCL: 4


TRP: 4

TRAS: 12

Command Per Clock: 2T


When populating all four slots with this motherboard you will likely be limited to DDR667 due to limitations of the memory controller on the CPU. Let us know if you still have problems!

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I upgraded the BIOS and manual set the timings again for the memory. However, when I tried to start up windows again, the OS somehow became corrupt and i ended up having to wipe the hard drive and reinstall windows. But I guess it worked because i now have all 4GB of RAM installed and I have internet again. Thanks!
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