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Will HX620 work with my RIG?


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I'm planning to buy an I7 rig


Processor : I7 920 (D0 stepping --- Already have it )

Motherboard : GA EX58 UD5

RAM : ******** Gold 6GB ( Already have it)

Graphics Card : Nvidia Quadro FX 580 ( May be will buy another graphics card for gaming --- Already have it)

Cabinet : CM690

HDD : Seagate 1TB 7200.12

Writer : Samsung SH-S223

Monitor: Dell S2409W


I also have a doubt about HX620 compatibility issue with APC UPS...


I would like to know if it is compatible with APC - Backup UPS...


Should I go for it or should I go for TX650 or a TX750?


Thanks in advance.

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I do not see any problem using 620HX with your current setup and APC backup. Just need to ensure that UPS capacity has margin to support power supply loading with associated efficiency loss.
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Which one works better?? HX620 or the TX650?


And is there any compulsion that we have to take a pure sine wave UPS??


Read in some forums where they said that an Active PFC has some issues with a UPS without sine wave???


Will a normal APC Backup RS ups 1KVA work for me??

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