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1GB/2GB TWIN2X kit compatibility

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Hi RAM GUY et al,


I've been unable to run the TWIN2X2048-C5D and TWIN2X1024-C5D kits together on neither an ASUS P5Q nor the Gigabyte EP45-UD3R.


The Asus P5Q seems to restart at random while I play 3D games or watch YouTube videos.


The Gigabyte EP45-UD3R is more stable in games, however if I attempt to enter sleep mode or try to shutdown the machine, I end up in an endless reboot loop where the system powers on and off. The only remedy is to remove the power chord from the PSU, give it a few seconds, plug it back in and power on the PC.


I've posted the latter issue on the TweakTown forum here:




Lsdmeasap suggested that I post this issue here to confirm that the two kits are compatible with one another. Can you confirm?


Thanks in advance!

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Since they're different densities and different ICs, not to mention they haven't been sold together (and 4 sticks is maxing out the memory controller), there's no guarantee that they will work together. Could try lowering the mem speed, see if that helps.
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