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I’m just new in this forum and I have registered here because it seems that I also have one module bad. First I installed the RAM modules it seems to be everything alright. But after some time my system (WinXPx64) crashed randomly. I tried many things and I thought it is my graphics driver (HD4850) I tried to update and reinstall. Then my system worked more or less ok with only some bluescreens again.


But some days ago I got a bluescreen and I could not work more than 15min in a row again. The problem grew up to that I could not boot the system any more. So I tried to disable some hardware and deinstalled (hardware-side) it from my case.


First my soundcard, because I thought, it does not work with my 64bit version of XP. But this bluescreens were not eliminated.


Then I tried to run the MemTest and I got many errors on one ram module. After that I tried to run each of the modules separately in my system. So I got the effect that the system does not work with the "bad" module. After I installed the "good" one, the system now works since 5 days without any problems and my soundcard works also very well :)


I also testet the "bad" module separately with memtest86+ after this cognition and the module seems realy to be broken.


I completed the RMA request on Saturday but I did not get any information since.


My case # is 1029227.





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