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UPC Code Location

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Silly Question.. Where is the UPC Code located?



There is 2 lable there..


One of the label have 2 Bar code (top and buttom of that label), in the middle "it said "CMPSU-750TX" and right under it, it said "ASSY IN CHAIN",


There is another tiny label saying "S/N:(14 digit number)



I have to cut/peel off the one with 2 bar code?


Thanks :)

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There is a Bar Code printed on the BOX not a sticker that will be your UPC Code.

If you are not sure send both of them.


I don't see no bar code printed on the box.. i only have 2 bar code sticker in the box i have.. i can sent you screenshot of it if need it

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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