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Asus P5QC and TW3X4G1333C9DHX


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Hi Ramguy,


I bought the Ram written in the object (4Gb in total).

The problem is that I cannot make it work on 1333mhz speed on my Asus P5QC.

I read several posts about it and I followed all the instruction on the case but nothing, the system freeze all the time. If I change the DRAM frequency @ 1333 in the Bios when I reboot the machine appear on the screen that the overclocked failed. But How it is possible Those memories are 1333 compliant. I run memtest86+ Ver 2.11 with a cd boot and it tells there is no errors.

The strange thing is when I run CPUID and select the SPD, the part number for slot #2 and slot #4 are different. I attached the pics (@1066 Mhz) I changed also the slots for both the result is the same. Can you help me please?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.




After few hours I run other tests details as follows:

1) I tried the two RAM separately on the slot #2

2) The one which CPUID identified as CM3X2048-1333C9DHX I configured as per instruction @9-9-9-24 volt 1.70 and no stystem freeze whatsoever occured. I run Memtest86+ 8 times no errors showed up (pls. see pic attached)

3) I swap the other one always in the slot #2 (this one CPUID was identified as CM3X2G1600C8D). I left the same setting in

the Bios but on the first run Vista freezed, few seconds after I put the password, so I loaded the setup default.

Strangely the Bios detected the RAM @ 1333 automatically and Vista didn't freeze at all.


It seems to me that in the box there were two different modules although it was written differently. They working absolutely fine separately, but when I installed both thay have to work @1066 otherwise @ 1333 the PC doesn't boot at all or Vista freeze.


I used also another program SPDtool in order to verify the part number but the result is the same as CPUID.

I also attached the pictures of both Ram modules which look like exactely the same.






CPU-Z 1 Report.pdf



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