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Software Corsair Flash Voyager Utility Buggs


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Good morning alls members.


I'm sorry for my English.


I installed the Corsair Flash Voyager Utility.exe that I got with my usb key.

Problem, it refuses to run from the desktop of windows and there was no error message.

The operating system is Windows XP Pro SP2.


My need is to partition the key and protect one of two partitions with a password box.


Thank you in advance.


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They haven't come with utilities in years. What is the side of your stick?


Check out TrueCrypt for partition encryption.




The utility I had with my first usb stick (blue 8GB).

Currently I use the key Voyager GT 16GB.


TrueCrypt I tried it but the application must be installed on any computers.

Was not possible for me.


Thank you.

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