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Corsair Rebate Issues

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I would like to state my complete dissatisfaction with Corsair Rebates and think it's almost criminal the way they rebates are being handled.


Please let me know your experience. I am interested in finding out others peoples stories prior to going to the appropriate agency to have this figured out.


Here's mine:


I purchased a 4gb memory kit of Corsair Ram back in December / 08 Because I used to work in the industry, I realized how bad many places are with rebates (I never thought Corsair would be) but I sent in my rebate by "courier" for tracking purposes.


First: A women takes the call and says "I" was late in getting my rebate in and I explained that it wasn't as shown below with my tracking


Secondly: The women says she will send the rebate out and the Rebate never comes:


I asked to speak to a Manager and sent the information, below, into them. She says she will send along the information and someone will call me. Nobody bothered to call.


I follow up a month later, and let them know that nobody followed up with me and that I require my rebate to be sent out and asked to speak with a manager. She says Nobody is available and manager will call me. I told her I could be placed on hold for as long as it took but she refused. I don't get companies who do this. It just means the customer is willing to have patience. Anyway, same situation, Nobody called and nobody bothered and my Rebate STILL says that it was rejected.


Again, I phone and I ask to speak to someone, they give me the same song and dance. So I phoned up the velocityfullfillment head office (who handles the rebates) and left a message and phoned multiple times. It seems this is either a fake phone # or nobody works there because nobody answers the phone and nobody returns the call!


I don't care who Corsair Subcontracts their rebates too. It's STILL a corsair rebate and this system is crappy. When you call corsair. They say they don't handle the rebates! It's retarded.



Track Status

Product Type: Xpresspost


Date Time Location Description Retail Location Signatory Name


2009/01/19 11:34 WELLAND Item successfully delivered

Track History


Date Time Location Description Retail Location Signatory Name

2009/01/19 11:34 WELLAND Item successfully delivered


09:52 WELLAND Item out for delivery

2009/01/15 10:46 CHESTERMERE Item accepted at the Post Office



Let me know your experience! Input on what to do is greatly appreciated.

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