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RAM that will work with Asus Striker Extreme?


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Hello all,


I am having some issues with the Asus Striker Extreme 680i motherboard that I had bought recently, I have been getting alot of BSOD's because of my RAM that I currently have (not sure what the model/makes are) but in total there is 3GB of ram that I currently have. I am looking for new RAM that supports this motherboard 100% without any problems, I am currently looking for 2 x 2GB of RAM, people that have had this motherboard and have had successful stories with there RAM & Striker Extreme, then please post as I would like to know what RAM you have. I have 4 slots available but would only like 2 x 2gb.


Oh and I am not looking for anything too expensive, just RAM that will work 100% without any problems.


Thanks if you help,



(sorry if I have posted in the wrong section)

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i dont think its the ram, i have one and its the bain of my existence.

tried like 8 bios versions, 5 different types of ram and its still a lockup bsod crap box.


i will say that the dominator ddr800 3,4,3,9 ram is the best at 5,5,5,15 (in this board)

i can almost rely on it to run 4 folding cores for a week before it locks up.


when the rear lcd display goes wonky on you it is the beginning of your hair loss.


i wish you luck.

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Hi, thanks for your help.


I have updated my bios to the latest version and when I get the BSOD and then I turn my computer back on I get a (Send Error Report), so then I decide to send it and IE pops and tells me the problem and it is indeed my RAM.


I have been looking at the QVL for the Striker Extreme and the RAM that Wired linked me to was not on the list.


Here is the link for the Striker Extreme QVL: http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/socket775/Stricker%20Extreme/Striker_Extreme_QVL.pdf


I just want to make sure I am getting the correct RAM otherwise I'd have to keep buying RAM untill I get the correct lot.


Thanks again.

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We guarantee that anything listed by our memory configurator would be compatible with your system. Asus guarantees that anything listed on their QVL would be compatible. Asus does not test all of our memory with their boards, they will usually test 2 or 3 kits at the most.
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