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Window XP Boot up freezes


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Recently, my Window boot up screen been freezing up. After the Bios screen, you see window XP and the loading bar fading in. But during the mid fade in it freeze.


I ran some test, and i found out that when i unplug all 4 of my fan (all rans on 4 pins connector) my window boot up normally, but when i plug all my fan, it keep locking up in the same place at the mid fade in boot screen.


This week, i also have some random freezing. My computer just freezed for no reason. I have SMART HD monitor on, they said is all healthy. Run Checkdisk no file corrupted, 0 bad sector. Sometime during bios screen, my MOBO cannot detect my 2 hard drive, and tell me boot disk failure.


I have 4 add-on fan in there:

  • 1x 120MM 135CFM
  • 1x 80MM 15-75CFM adjustable
  • 1x 80MM 50CFM unadjustable
  • 1x 120MM 67CFM

So is this a PSU problem? or something else?


I had a Silverstone Zeus ST65ZF 650W PSU before i replace it with Corsair TX750W. When i switch to Corsair TX750W, Random freezes is gone (so far...) but still get those Window XP Logo fading in freeze. but not as much as the Old PSU I was using.. 10 Shutdown and Restart, 8/10 it went thru ok except for 1 time Boot Disk Failure after the 2nd restart after the freezing on logo screen


Is it my HD or MOBO failing?

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I would not suspect the PSU if the old PSU had the same or similar problem. Have you tried replicate this issue by loading into Windows safemode?


Safemode went through all right..


I cannot get pass window logo when freezing occur, and once when i load up Window XP CD and try to repair it, it freezes on the part where they said "staring up window" at the bottom of the screen

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Sounds like a software/driver issue to me if Safemode works fine... You might want to install a fresh copy of OS and then install the latest drivers.


The problem is >.< i got alot of personal file in the system folder, i don't wanna lose everything, i need a good backup software :/

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If you have a spare drive around, you can install a fresh copy of OS there. You can set the current drive as secondary and then backup the file if it is a software/driver issue.
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