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TR3X6G1866C7GTF issues

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Hi all,


i've posted in compatibility issues section a few weeks ago, but finally turned out it was a bad motherboard.


Received a new one today, installled xp, but after that all the troubles started. I had a new mobo, hdd and memory to test and see what the problems where.


XP just rebooted after installation of things, downloading, stresstesting at the most minimum level.


I downloaded Memtest 86+ and quickly found out all 3 sticks were giving errors, now im not to most silly one so tried every stick on it's own.


i've got 1 stick to pass memtest 86+ at 1700 CL7 , but after that it gave an error.


I'm not done testing all of them yet, but even after raising the mch ( NB voltage ) up to 1,32V it still didnt go any further.


Now i think 3 bad pieces are bullocks one way, but i cant accept not archieving the full potential either.


So perhaps anyone here has any idea's , tips or any other things i might try to get it to work anyhow, because i've finally gathered all the parts, after a DOA mobo, and now the mem is acting all weird and such :(


Anyhow, hope to receive some tips, thanks in advance!

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Hi all,


small edit.


1 seems most deff DOA, at the first test of memtest 86+ it starts erroring away like no tomorrow.


i've tried everything yesterday to get the other 2 to work, failed.

and all of the sudden this morning they somehow appear to work,

memtest isnt completed yet, but it's at 80%, so i have good hope.


Oh well, they need to go RMA anyhow. Luck aint on my side it seems :mad:

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