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Hi All,


looking for the manual for the TX850 power supply ??

Also Would like information on how to install in an ATX case. will it just replace my old supply with the same mount screws???


Need information on the connectors how many of each type??

Have gotten different opinion and values from different people about what is really with the unit.



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Thanks for your reply having just read the site information about the tx850, it is contradicting of what was told to me by chunn an employee of corsair on the phone,


He stated that they were 12 each of these connector for sata plus 12 connector for the 12volt Peripheral.


But could not tell me were to see or get the manual for this tx850 supply.


can you tell me where to get this manual????

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The connector information is on the website (Resources tab):




Link to the TX650/750 manual is on that same page (linked to below for ease):



Installation's the same regardless of model.



Ram Guy, where's the TX850 manual?

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