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P256 and HP Laptop (TC4400)

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Has anyone tried a P256 in an HP Laptop?

I am keen to change my HDD for something faster and with a higher capacity. The P256 ticks both boxes.


However I have read some nightmare articles about other manufactureres SSD's giving poor performance for small random writes e.g. Outlook OST files. Stuttering also seems to be an issue for some devices.


My storage controller is:

Intel 8280 1GBM SATA AHCI Controller


Any comments would be useful.



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There should be no problems like what you have mention with any of our SSD Drives. And I would make sure that you NB takes S-ATA drives. And please now if its in only S-ATA1 then the speed will be lower or equal to S-ATA 1 Speeds.
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