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Voyager 8 gb being detected as USBest flash


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My 8 gb voyager is being detected as USbest flash drive. When i try to access it, it says "please insert disk". I'm unable to do anything...including complete format... none of the suggestions are working...

Its been hardly 2 months since i purchased this usb drive. It was working fine. But after i plugged it into my laptop, it didn't get detected and the light that usually blinks, never came.


What shall i do? is there any remedy or is replacement the only way out??

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I was the pridefull owner of a Corsair Flash Voyager, 8 Gb. I used it lets say 5 or 6 times in an year, i kept it in a safe place. About two days ago i needed it and when i've connected it to my coputer it gave me the error "Please isert disk into drive E:/", i took a look at it's properties and it shows like this "USBest USB2Flash Storage", i tried to format it and all volumes are 0, this is why i said i was a "pridefull owner":mad:. I went with it at the coputer shop where i bouth it and thay said that there is nothig they can do. Can u help me please?

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