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Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 and TR3X3G1333C9 - only 2GB in Dual mode seen


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I've recently built a new system based on this motherboard. The system boots and runs stable. I've ran a number of benchmarks (Everest, Sisoft, etc) and confirmed expected results with similar systems appart from tripple channel memory benchmarks..... my system reports Dual channel mode (it was a Corsair CM3X1G1333C9 triple channel kit!!) with 2GB available memory:-


Windows 'System Properties' reports 2GB of RAM.

Windows Task Manager reports 2094 MB Total RAM.

CPU-Z (version 1.51 from http://www.cpuid.com) reports 3072 MB DDR3 RAM in DUAL Channel configuration.

Gigabyte's own EasyTune6 reports 3 populated slots (#1,#2,#3) - each slot holding 1024MB of Corsair part number CM3X1G1333C9.

The BIOS shows 3 populated slots!! - I can alter memory settings for all 3 channels.


It's interesting that both CPU-Z and EasyTune6 both report 3 populated memory slots. Do I have to do something to activate tripple channel mode?


The Corsair memory modules are located in the white memory slots of the EX58-UD5 motherboard (slots DDR3_1, DDR3_3, and DDR3_5) - as instructed in the motherboard manual.


I've tried swapping the modules around the white slots but can't get 3GB of tripple channel. I've also tried adjusting the BIOS settings to reflect the recommended values of 9-9-9-24-t2 and set the speed to 1333 (the default AUTO settings set these differently) but this did not help - still 2GB dual channel reported in windows.


I'm wondering if this board has been tested with this memory. Can you think of anything else to try?

Additionally, I'd also be keen to overclock this system though I'm now thinking that memory at 1333MHz might not be suitable (I've still time to return the modules to the supplier and replace).


Thanks for your help



[edit]........ after some more googling I see that it has been suggested a few times that device memory-mapping could reduce my windowsXP pro (32bit) to 2GB. I find this very unbelievable since 1GB is a heck of a lot to use (e.g. surely my one Nvidi 8800 GTS 640MB is not mapping anywhere close to 640MB (what happened to card's own 640MB memory?) + other resources??). Anyway, to address this, and to get the max addressable memory for my system - and to get 3 channel mode/benefits - what will happen if I replace the RAM with 6GB 1600MHz.....would I get an increase in useable system memory (i.e. at/above 3GB).......will I also be better able to overclock this i7 920 system? I understand I will lose at least 2 of the 6GB from the start. By the way I'm not keen on vista - I've many programs and outboard gear (I do a lot of music recording) that has problems with vista. And, I don't like the additional hassles widely reported with vista. On the other, in time, I could move over to windows 7, good report and support - dependant, and fully utilise the 6GB.


So, is there a fix to activate tripple channel mode for my current 3GB kit or can I achieve more system memory and get tripple channel benefits by replacing this with a 3x2GB kit?


Thanks again

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Single, dual and triple channel functionality is controlled entirely by the motherboard and the memory controller, not the memory itself. I would test the memory modules one at a time in the same DIMM slot and see if you can isolate a single module which may be causing the problems. If each module works individually then I would suspect either a problem with a DIMM slot or the memory controller itself (which is actually embedded in your CPU). However if you can isolate a single module which is not being detected properly then we would want to replace the kit for you.
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You do know that Windows XP 32 bit, or any 32 bit OS, can only show (and use) 2GB of memory? Not enough memory addresses in the operating system otherwise. Doesn't sound like anything is amiss with your hardware. Probably too late for you (you must have figured this out eventually), but maybe people who come across this posting, as I did, will find it useful to understand the limitations of 32 bit operating systems.
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