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Is this still RMA-able?

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So yesterday my system started getting random bsods and etc. so i did some memtests and determined that it was stick number 2 of my dominators. TWIN2X4096-8500C5D


so i removed stick number 2. and true enough, the bsods and etc went away..


then later... i decided to have a go with stick 2 again. but now for some reason its dead.. as long as stick 2 is plugged in the comp, i dont even reach the video card detection beep. i just see the fans spinning and the monitor blank.


is my stick still RMA-able?


btw in the included picture you can see that a part of the heatsink has paint chips. it was bent while i was removing it (after it died so i can say that the bent heat sink had nothing to do with the problems i had with it) seeing as the ram was dead. i tried bending the heatsink back with a plastic ruler and ended up causing the paint chips.


here's a link to an included picture of stick number 2.




manually set the settings to 1066, timings at 5-5-5-15, voltage at 2.1v

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