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Asus P5Q Deluxe and Memory Mix


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Hi Guys,


I actually encounter a problem with my motherboard - Asus P5Q Deluxe - latest Bios and 4 Corsair Memory.


I have 2 kind of memory (I know it's not totally recommended :( ):


- 2 x 2 Go - CM2X 2048 - 6400 C4 DHX XMS2 - 800Mhz - 2.10V - Ver. 1.1 (DHX)

- 2 x 2 Go - CM2X 2048 - 6400 C5 - 800Mhz - 1.80V - Ver 3.1 (others)


My problem is when I put the 4 memory at the same time, my computer refuses to start.


It starts only with the 2 DHX or the 2 others placed separately or it starts if I put the 2 DHX on channel A and one of the others on channel B (to have 6GB of memory).


So my question is : how can I tune my bios to use my 4 x 2 memory, to have 8GB?


I hope my ask is understandable...


Damien (from France) ;o)

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vous pouvez essayer de régler la vitesse à 667 et d'augmenter le NB / SPP volts v + .2

mélange de ram n'est pas supportée officiellement que vous êtes le genre de votre propre là. TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX ou TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF serait sage de 4 Go kit choix. en raison des différentes versions que vous mai être pas de chance.

désolé pour la mauvaise nouvelle.


you can try to set the speed to 667 and increase the NB/SPP volts +.2v

mixing ram is not officially supported so you are kind of on your own there. TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX or TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF would be a wiser 4 gig kit choice. due to different versions you may be out of luck.

sorry to bring the bad news.

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Thanks for you reply and for the translation ;o)


That confirms my fear.


So, I think I will buy4 of the same Ram, and probably 4Gigas Kit to change the memory from 6Gigas to 16Gigas ;o).





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bonjour à nouveau,

le kit QUAD2X16G-6400 est le seul kit de 16 Go qui est officiellement pris en charge. même mélange de 2 kits 8 Go, vous devrez faire quelques ajustements, et mon BIOS pas à plein régime.

ce kit est cher mais si vous en avez vraiment besoin de 16 Go de son libre le plus de problèmes qu'il faut faire.

encore une fois, je vous souhaite bonne chance!


hello again,

the QUAD2X16G-6400 kit is the only 16 Gb kit that is oficially supported. even mixing 2 8 gig kits you will have to make some BIOS adjustments and my not get full speed.

this kit is expensive however if you really need 16 GB its the most trouble free way to do it.

again i wish you luck!

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