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P128 fw

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Hi. Does anyone what the last expected FW is for P128 and where i could get it? Cant see anything on the support pages.. it doesnt even have a SSD section...


PS! Ive done some benchmarks on my pc and im quite impressed about the speed:


Windows 7 7264x64 8GB ram

Corsair P128





best regards TE





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I am sorry but there is no new Firmware for our drives at this time, our drives have all came with the latest version available, if there is an update we ill post it in the software down load section of the Jack Flash area and give links here.
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RAM GUY, can you confirm that Corsair will be offering some sort of firmware utility that "end users" can use to upgrade P128/P256 firmware with? I ask because from what I have come across about the Samsung controller based SSDs, they are not firmware upgradeable by users (or rather that Samsung does not provide this capability to users.)


Not being able to update the firmware on a P128/P256 if I get one (which would be very soon) would be a deal breaker for me - who wants to be stuck with a drive that has the hardware but not the software to make best use of it (especially with Windows 7 coming out and support for "TRIM" to avoid SSD performance degradation over time)?


Thank you.

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