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Bsods Asus P5n32-e SLI and XMS2 CM2X1024-6400C4


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Hello all I am kind of at a loss of hope here.


About a year a ago i created a new system and decided to go for a asus / corsair combo, thus stepping away from my trusted MSI / ******** combinations that I never seemed to have problems with. Now I have worked with corsair memory before so i know its quality and stable yet here I am experiencing problems.


Hopefully some of you could help me out or atleast give me some advice.


Ive stepped away from overclocking for several years now and sicne then no longer brushed up on the latest information. I checked the QVL of the asus motherboard and according to asus tech and there QVL the memory should be compatible.

I used to have bios revision 1205, wich i updated 2 days ago to 1801 because i was tired of having those bsods constantly under stress.


At first the system didnt do much, just internet, hence it took me a year to act on it. but now that I get back into gaming on this system I get a constant stream of Bsod errors, most of them are IRQL related, some are mem related. This made me believe there is something wrong with the memory or the motherboard. So i did several tests.


I am not really done metesting yet, but so far there are 0 errors reported.


it perhaps is good to know that the system and bios on standard auto settings, will boot up with 3 sticks of memory inserted (no matter what slots i use) but with 4 sticks, will not get past post and just freeze on the AI sign press dell to enter setup screen. I can let it boot if i remove 1 stick, set the bios to 2.1v (ive set the voltage to 2.075) and using the 4-4-4-12 T2 settings, advanced on auto. Place the 4th stick back and it boots. Playing games however, results in bsods after 15 minutes or so. Sometimes can take up to 1 hour before it crashes.


Here are 3 screenshots of some settings regarding memory and its voltages. I took it with everest.


Link 1 : Voltages


Link 2 : Memory information


Link 3 : memory information 2


Now I am at a loss of words and actions at this point. I am reconsidering of going for 2 sticks of 2gb ram, to be more specific the TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX. Wich should be acccording the mem. config. be 100% compatible and instead achieve 4gb of ram with 2 banks taken instead of 4. altough i wish to upgrade to 8 gb later on for SLI.


Hopefully some of you could help me out,


Thank you in advance,


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Ive done that already, im afraid. No signs of errors. Yet the system is still rather unstable. I'm starting to think this motherboard simply does not cope well with 4 sticks of ram.


as for the new packs, i was thinking about that. going for 2 sticks of 4gb might be better indeed, since the stress on the motherboards memory controller would be less, thus it should be more stable. if im correct.

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