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DKA790GX Platinum + Twin2X4096-8500C5


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Can't get it work at EPP settings and 2.1V and propably wont with this prosessor (Athlon 62 X2 BE)? It always freezes at windows load.


I have tried using ganged and unganged modes but no work...

Works fine at 800.



Thanks anyway...

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Looks like that motherboard only supports 1066 with AM2+ CPUs. You're missing part of the CPU's model number, so we can't determine if you have the right CPU.


Actually it only supports 1066 with AM3 CPUs. But I might be wrong here. Anyhow I can´t get the EPP working with this board. I have the TWIN2X4096-8500C5 and I set the volt to 2.1v (even tried 2.2v) and run Prime blend test, everything else @ stock (AMD x3 720BE), no go.

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