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Voyager Mini takes a licking, keeps on ticking......


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My Voyager 4GB Mini disappeared a few days ago. This morning I found it in the clothes dryer!




I hadn't removed it from my jeans pocket. It suffered 40 minutes of wash, rinse, and spin, then another 50 minutes in the dryer. Immersion in detergent filled water. Knocked about by agitation. Then baked in humid, sauna-like condition till dry. A hostile environment, one might say.


After blowing off the lint I inserted the Voyager Mini in my laptop. IT WORKS!


I was reminded of the Timex spots with John Cameron Swayze from the early decades of television. Scripted like a mock newscast Swayze would strap the Timex to a speedboat, a jet, an ice skate, a propeller. It'd be subjected to the worst abuse. At last the camera would zoom to the watch and Swayze would utter the famous line which, to paraphrase:

The Voyager Mini took a licking and keeps on ticking!





P.S. It's really clean now.

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