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TX650w not working


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well i have kind of a pob i dont get bhind.

Bought today a TX650w and a HD4870. Had to buy the PSU cause my old Enermax Liberty 400w dont have enough for the HD470.

Ok, changed GC and PSU, put PC back on desk and plugged all cables in and turned the PSU to on. Then i got my 1st surprise, my USB-DVBT stick is blinking and even all LED´s on my keyboard. 2nd surprise, when hit the Power button at my case nothing happend. Then i remarked a very silent clicking noise from the PSU.

OK, new PSU build out, back in box and up to the shop. They tested the PSU with a special PSU-Testing-Device, no errors they say. I should check my sys, maybe do the powerswitch-screwdriver trick on the MoBo. Well all was fine in my sys, and the trick doesnt helped.

Then i decided to try my old Enermax PSU, and all was running fine, just cant play games with that cause GC will draw to much power. But running so far that i can use this forum.

Shop is closed, so its time to try the famous Corsair support.

There i saw the paperclip trick, tried this, and TX650 is working. It just wont start on my MoBo. Im sure my system is fine, cause its running with the Enermax, so i dont think there any MoBo or Ram etc. problems.

I hope i dont missed any Info u need.

THX in advance


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Possible a short somewhere. I would suggest you to do a barebone test on a non-conductive surface first. Use just the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and video card. If the system powers up, then add the rest of components one at a time.
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ok i complete disambled my computer, cleaned all with a soft brush to get lost of all the dust, was not much but some was on there

put the MoBo on some plastic, connected the PSU with 24ATX and one 4Pin i need for CPU. No cards on it, just the cpu with cooler and fan, even no ram. (tested with ram too)

when i switched on the psu then i still hear that silent clicking sound from inside it. then tried again to turn the computer on with the screwdriver on that mobo pins. still nothing happens.

but wth is it running with my old psu. anything must be wrong, but i still have no clue what it could be.

MoBo is running with old PSU so i think it cant be that. Corsair psu is running with the paperclip and even on an old atx20pin board i have lying around here.

wth corsair psu makes this clicking sound when connected to my MoBo. does it not like my board? or is a safety system missing in my enermax psu, that corsair have, and thats why MoBo running with enermax psu?

btw sry for that english, im from germany.

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thx for the info ,ive seen it after i wrote my post in here. was to lazy to do all the work again. and i think more ppl look in here.

have no problem to understand all. just when i write i may have some problems with the grammars :sillygrin.


ah bfore i forget it. i found a temporary solution to make full use of my comp. temporary because im planning to get new mobo, cpu and ram in near future. just a matter of my purse.

but i like to get a feedback bfore i try this.

ive read some in the internet bout using 2nd PSU for watercooling system.

so here my idea: i just connect the 24pin from my enermax to the MoBo, and all the rest to the Corsair, even the 4Pin for the CPU and the both 6Pin for the HD4870. hard drives, optical drives and all fans too.

i should be able to switch on the comp then when i 1st turn on the case-switch to start the mobo, and asap after the Corsair. i have a switch here with nough cable to start the corsair with the "modified" paperclip trick.

what u think bout that?

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