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Talk about twinx 3200LLPT

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that ram is ch5.. so be very sparing on the voltage. in many cases, u wont be able to give it more then 2.6 or 2.7. i cant give mine past 2.6. loose timings dont really do anything for the ram (in terms of being able to be brought further). timings that work well for nf2: CL2.0, 2(tRP)-3(tRCD)-11(tRAS), Command Rate 1T <--- tight CL2.0, 3(tRP)-3(tRCD)-11(tRAS), Command Rate 1T <-- moderate the ram will do around 223 (the gig set) in good amd boards in dual channel.. tight to moderate timings. try to keep your multiplier at a whole number. .5x's seem to have a slight diminishing effect on throughput. try to stay above 10 so u dont lose throughput. try out different bios revisions as well. good luck.
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