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I have the same exact problem as the OP described. Only thing

different is that my Dominator GTs are only 2 days old :mad:


I have followed the instructions of RAM GUY but none of them



2 Sticks are fine (8memtest runs), but one stick is spitting out alot of errors

right after memtest starts. I have tested all 3 sticks seperate, and only one

reports errors. (I even filmed it with my cam, so I can upload it if you want)

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Thank you RAM GUY. Amazing support from corsair, this shall be

my first (and hopefully last :D:) RMA.


I have made some vids about my Dom GT not posting etc;


Memtest errors:



Most of the time no post;



Memtest on the working sticks;




Thanks again RAM GUY ! :D:

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Hello again,


I rma'ed my last defective set of Dominator GT 1866 CL7 to the shop

I bought it from. 2 Days ago I received my new set, and one of the ram

sticks crapped out on me last night :mad:


I was unrarring a file of aprox 3gb, and bam computer restart. No BSOD

nothing. After that it didnt want to past POST anymore, so I resetted my CMOS. It helped, I was able to POST but that was all.. I couldnt load up

windows (win7 x64, winxp x64, winvista x64). So I decided to give memtest a go..


I tested my 3 ramsticks with 'memtest 2.11', and I got LOADS of errors right off the start of the test (Just like my last defect dominator GTs).


This set only worked for 1 day !.. How could this happen Corsair :confused: ?

I ran the sticks at 1.65v (x58 Classified BIOS), so I did not overvolt the dimms... Could it be a bad batch ?




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I already tested them seperate, aswell as in pairs. I get loads of errors once I

pop the defective ram stick into my motherboard.


With the other 2 working ramsticks inserted into my motherboard I get no errors, could it be a bad batch or something like that ? :S


Any other suggestions wired ?

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