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HX520W and 2 Video Cards...?


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Hi there.

Can someone help me to determine if my HX520W power supply can run/power 2 Nvidia 9800 GTX sli video cards?


The reason I ask is that one card alone has 2 power (pci) inputs. If I just use 1 input power for 1 card it slugs along and asks for more power...so I'm thinking with 2 cards I am going to need 4 pci power inputs for the cards. The power supply only has 2 pci outputs.


What do I do?


Mobo:Nvidia 750i sli

OS: Windows XP Pro

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One of those cards alone requires 2x 6pin adapters and a 450 Watt PSU.


So I'd look for a power supply that has 4x 6pin adapters and probably 800 Watts if you want to be sure.


800W is probably more than you would need and you can get an adapter to take two Hard Disk Drive style power ports and convert them to a 6pin, but to play it safe and make sure your system will handle it, I'd go with one designed for this.

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