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HX620 smoking...


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I installed a new HX620 PSU to upgrade my aging system (Intel 945, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon X1950 Pro, 2 HDs, 3 fans, good airflow). As soon as I turned on the power switch, smoke and small sparks came out of the fan area. :[pouts:


Needless to say, the PC did not post. I checked (and rechecked) the wiring, everything looked fine. Turned on the power again, more smoke came out of the PSU and I heard popping noises. I quickly turned everything off, concerned the PSU took down my entire system. I took it out and put the old PSU back in there. Luckily the system booted fine.


So I think the HX620 I got is defective. How can I return it for a replacement? Thanks for your help.

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