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Help me to setup a OC.

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Sorry about my english, and maybe sorry about this question but as each computer is a different system with differents parameters to setup, I will ask you, guys.


What's the faster stable OC to my system ? Please refer about voltages and everything essential, because im a little newbie.


Ps: CPU and VGA is watercooler chilled and temperature is always under 45ºC. NB is 68ºC when full load.



Thanks for your patience.

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there is no setting etched in stone to overclock. its all trial and error.

you can set the fsb to manual adjust and bump the FSB like 5 at a time until it wont boot anymore, then raise the cpu voltage 1 notch and try again. continue until you cant boot again and raise up the voltage again. you may need extra RAM volts and NB voltage as well.


have a read through this http://techreport.com/articles.x/13815 and get some ideas. remember each system is different especially if you dont hand pick your CPU for the best revision. being you have the extreme chip you may want to just try raising the multiplier a notch first without touching voltage.


read through the link i posted and i do strongly suggest a better cooling HSF than stock, even though the extreme ver HSF IS beefier.

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