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Blue screen after install corsair memory VS1gb333 1GB PC2700 on my HP desktop


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After installing corsair memory VS1gb333 1GB PC2700 on my HP desktop, I kept getting blue screen.


What should I do now. Is it a matter of compatability?


I have a HP Pavilion a800n.


Thanks and let me know if you need more info from me.






I saw a post that was quite similar to mine. Basically, one way to fix it is to remove all rams, shut of the power and install only the new corsair ram. I did that and I think it works. However, the momory from my computer porperties is only showing 960 MB ram and not 1 gb ( I bought a 1 gb ram ). I read somehitng about checking and editing the "bios"...do I have to do that?


How do I know if my system is stable? I guess if the bue screen doesn't reoccur it would mean my system is stable right? How else can I test my system?


Lastly should I insert my old ram back ( the one I took out )? Will the same thing happen again i.e the screen go blank on me?


Thanks for you help.



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