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HX1000 tripped fuse


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I have a HX1000.

Yesterday I turned off my computer and went to sleep, and this morning I saw that the fuse on my fusebox was tripped.


After few tests, I put the HX1000 out of the computer and disconnect all wires.


The problem : I plug the power supply to the wall, and when I turn on the switch on the power supply the fuse tripped... It is only plugged on the wall, all wires are free...


What's wrong ?


PS : I opened it to see what's wrong but I didn't find... So there is no more guarantee...


What can I do ?

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  • Corsair Employee

Just curious, have you tried plugging this PSU to a different wall outlet that is on a different circuit?


As for the repair or warranty service, you would need to talk to our RMA department at 888-222-4346 and dial "0" to see if they can still warrant this PSU since it has been opened before.

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