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BIOS and Windows see 3GB... but only 1.99GB is "Usable"??


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First I understand all about how 32-bit OSs are limited to addressing 4GB of memory. Below that, depending on what hardware is installed, memory addresses are needed for the various systems to communicate. Still when I compare one my C2Q systems, with the same number of extra controllers enabled, I don't understand why my new system with Windows 7 and Triple Channel memory is seeing a drop in available memory. The only difference is the CPU/chipset, Dual channel compared to Triple channel, and the OS installed - in this case Vista 32-bit vs. Windows 7 32-bit.


So is this some facet of the Core i7's Triple channel, that I was unaware of? Or is it a limitation of Windows 7? Cause I"m stumped... :bigeyes: :confused: :sigh!:

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