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TR3X6G2000C7GTF - 1 Stick DOA


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Received said memory kit today, upon installing all 3 dimms the system was very unstable (set to 1600 with very relaxed timings). In fact, windows would BSOD the second the loading screen would attempt to load.


I then noticed it was only reporting 4GB on post.


Testing each stick 1 by 1, it appears 1 is completely dead. With this 1 stick the system does not post, and gets stuck at "01" error code on my EVGA classified board (in manual it says this code is 'reserved'), and reboots in the boot process on my ASUS P6T Deluxe (V1).


The other 2 modules can run at the rated speeds and timings when the faulty stick is not present in the system.


Submit an RMA? Presuming I will need to send the entire kit back?


Slightly annoyed, I know these things happen but I didn't think such high end equipment would arrive DOA.


Thanks in advance for any advice.





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