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3 Week old Corsair CMPSU-450VX 2.63v from green pin?? Should be 3v to 5v?


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Just built a new HTPC with the corsair 450vx. Specs are in profile. Worked perfect for 3 weeks and all the sudden will not post. The green mobo light stays on but no fans or post at all. The fans do a tiny twitch when I flip the psu switch. I took a multimeter and tested the dc voltages of the pins and noticed that the voltage to the green wire is 2.6 and I read that this should be 3 to 5v to turn on the processor. All other voltages seamed to be right.


I also took the entire pc apart and layed it out on a sheet of cardboard to check things out. When I just attach the large motherboard connector and turn the psu on the green light on the mobo turns on and fan on psu stays on. With both the large connector and the 4 pin 12v connector attached when I turn on the psu the fans twitch and the green mobo light stays on but the psu fan is not spinning. I also took out the processor and checked it out. Looked just fine. I cleaned it and reapplied the artic silver compound and fan and same thing.


I think this is a psu issue and wanted to see what you guys thought. Thanks

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