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CMPSU-850TX airflow


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I have a couple of questions about the CMPSU-850TX power supply.


The first is pretty simple: In what direction is the fan blowing? That is, is it pulling air in or blowing it out? I assume it’s the latter but I want to be sure.



My case is a non-Corsair-brand model P180B; a picture is attached. The power supply I’m currently using has the more conventional fan-in-the-back design and I want to know if my case will provide enough airflow for the CMPSU-850TX’s fan-on-top deign. As you can see in the picture, the power supply gets installed in a separate chamber at the bottom of the case and while there is some clearance for top-side ventilation, there’s not a great deal of it. However, there is a 120mm fan blowing front-to-back right in front of the PSU.


As a side note, the PSU currently installed is 5.9” long. According the specs the CMPSU-850TX is 6.3” long. That’s only a difference of 0.4” which from looking at it seems like it should be fine. But it might be tight so I’m a little concerned.


If anyone has used the CMPSU-850TX in this case (or one of its subtle variations), I’d appreciate it if you might share your experiences. Thanks


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That's just the standard. If there's a vent at the bottom so much the better. Fresh air.


That I’d understand, but there is no bottom vent. There is no grill anywhere on the bottom of the case; it sits directly on the floor (no casters or legs of any kind). The air comes in through a grill in the front and is blown out the back either through the PSU or through the vent holes around it. There is a 120mm fan in the center of the chamber that facilitates the airflow.


Or, are you saying that it’s simply standard practice to mount it upside-down whenever feasible? If so, why?


I’m not opposed to mounting it upside-down I just want to understand the reasoning.


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If there is no clearance at the bottom of the PSU, then you might want to install the PSU upside down instead. I would only install the PSU with the fan facing down if there is an inch clearance or vent at the bottom.
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