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Asus P5Q deluxe + pair of 2 gig 8500 dominators = no post


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Im trying to install a pair of 2gig dominators 8500 in my Asus p5q deluxe mobo running Win xp pro.

Either individual stick works but with both in place the pc wont post.

In the bios I set the voltage for 2.1 and the mhz for 1066.

What settings will get them to work?


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In the bios I set the voltage for 2.1 which is the voltage given for the dominator memory, are you saying to change it to 2.3 volts? or is 'memory controller voltage' a different configuration item? Thanks

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Please familiaririze yourself with your BIOS and manual or check with ASUS Technical Support. The memory controller is the part of the motherboard that allows the CPU to communicate with the memory. The memory needs only 2.1v. Since you are OCing, you may need a small bump in the memory controller voltage. Memory controller is also known as MCH or memory controller hub or NB or North Bridge, etc.
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Hi Im not clear exaclty what you mean, but pls be patient, im new at this.

I only see one memory configuration voltage item in the bios set up under Ai tweaker tab.

It is called 'DRAM Voltage'

It was originally set to AUTO

I set it to 2.1 because that is what I read the volatge of the dominators is.

Both sticks still didnt work together.

I think you are saying that 'DRAM Voltage' should be set for 1.2 +.2 = 1.4 volts, but it cant because the minimum that this item can be set for is 1.8.


Is 'memory controller voltage' a different item from 'DRAM Voltage' ?

might it be called something else or located somewhere else? thanks

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OK thanks wired, now I'm getting someplace.


I dont see an item called 'memory CONTROLLER voltage'

in the bios section where it has the dram voltage there are the following items:

4 cpu voltage items

FSB termination volts

DRAM voltage

NB volts


SB volts

PCIE sata


Could 'memory CONTROLLER voltage' have a different name or should I be looking for it in another section? Thanks

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After some research it turns out NB voltage is the name for memory controller volatge in my bios. I set it to +.2

The first time I booted the pc I heard the beep and though finally things were working and it did post with both sticks.

The second time and every time after it did not.

Are there any other steps to get the dominators working with the asus p5q deluxe.

Im about ready to ebay these and replace with Crucial memory. Ive never had any problems with them.

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