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HX1000W -> wierd voltage output ?


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Hello everybody, I have the following system and noticed some wierd voltage outputs...


See for yourselves in the green circkels. I tried 3 different programs...




What could be wrong ? Should I use a different program ? if so : wich ?

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You seem to be right on the most settings




My +12v is only 11.7 - 11.8 in the bios, this is in my opinion quite low.....

Even more when I think about the fact that in the bios screen the biggest power consumer, the GFX 295 is doing nothing at all at that time !


When I start the computer in Windows I had more then once that the screen resolution just goes back to 800x600


I have an 'voltage meter' tool, to wich wires should I connect this to read out the voltage of the +12v line ?

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The ATX spec indicates that the 12v rail should be between 11.4v and 12.6v to be within spec. As for the PCIE cables, just make sure that you plug in 2x PCIE cables that are on the same rail. You do not want to plug in one 12v1 and one 12v2 connector into the same card.
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