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Will HX 1000 fit my case?


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Hello all... new here to the forums,


I have a quick question for any Silverstone TJ07 computer case owners... will an HX 1000 comfortably fit my case with both hard drive cages in place? My TJ07 is in the comp shop since my mobo is RMA'd so I cannot measure it.


I am pretty sure from some reading that the body of the HX 1000 will certainly fit the case but I am concerned about how much room is left over for the bending radius of the various power cables. Is it too tight?


They recommended at the shop that I upgrade my current 650W supply to 850W with all the stuff in my case. I actually want an HX 850W supply but up here in Canada, the HX 850 seems to be having some supply/distribution problems... there are not any to be had.




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Thanks a bunch, Ram Guy!


I was really wanting a modular psu this time, though with the tj07 excess cables are probably not as big of an issue as other cases due to the separate psu area.


Since the HX 850 either has not delivered, or is out of stock, here in Canada... I have a choice between the 750 and 1000. A little extra power never hurt anyone! (so to speak)

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