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TX650 not providing enough power?


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My computer seems to be shutting down randomly, even when I'm only surfing the web. After I get the blue screen of death, the computer shuts off and tries to restart itself but nothing happens. I let it cool down and try to restart and I end up getting a few different outcomes:


1) The mobo screen appears but then the monitor goes blank.

2) Nothing appears (this occurs when I try within a few minutes)

3) Computer works properly, but again shuts down within a few minutes.


Now I had originally bought the TX650 a few months ago after my old power supply was doing the same thing, and once I bought the TX650 these problems had gone away. The odd thing is that my old PSU only did this when it got overloaded (Gaming), though now my computer seems to be doing it while I'm surfing the web or even just looking through files on my computer.


I originally thought that my harddrive had died, but that can't be the case considering I can restart the computer every once in a while. I also suspect my motherboard but I'm not sure considering it does seem to work. I didn't suspect the power supply at first because it's pretty new, but now I'm having doubts.


Sorry for the long post....Thank you



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The TX650 should have plenty of headroom with your configuration. If you're experiencing the same problems after swapping to a new PSU, I'd say yes I agree with your suspicions, there's a good possibility the problem is located elsewhere.
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650TX is more than sufficient for your setup. If the previous PSU had the similar problem, then more than likely you got some other issues. I would suggest you to test your motherboard on a non-conductive surface with minimum components hooked up to it. If the system works fine, then that would suggest a grounding issue.
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