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How to get 2 pairs of TWIN2X4096-8500C5 running at 1066

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Apologies for any missing information this is my first pc build and my first post....


I am attempting to get 8Gb (4 * 2Gb) of memory (Corsair TwinX DDR2 XMS2, PC2-8500) running at the speed of 1066 MHz with the default latency settings of 5-5-5-15-2T as per corsairs EPP settings specified here, without success. Whenever I try setting the DRAM Frequency to this speed (Or even a lower speed such as 999) the pc fails to post with an overclock error.


I haven't tried tweaking many of the bios settings as I don't know enough about what I'm doing :): however I have increased the DDR Voltage to +0.250 and in the bios the DDR Voltage then read 2.128V which is above the amount specified in corsair testing at 1066. I would very much appreciate advice on what other settings I need to change and by how much.


The CPU Frequency setting is currently 333 and I'm trying to set the DRAM frequency to 1065.


The bios voltage configuration is as follows (All settings are at default apart from the DDR Voltage and Chipset Voltage):


CPU Voltage: [Auto]

DDR Voltage: [0.250] <- Increased from auto

Chipset: [0.025] <- Increasedf from auto

NB PLL Voltage: [Auto]

FSB Voltage: [Auto]

CPU Core1, 2 GTL Ref Voltage: [0.63 * VTT]

CPU Core 2 GTL Ref Voltage: [0.67 * VTT]

MCH GTL Ref Voltage: [Auto]

CPU PLL Voltage: [1.5]


The voltages displayed in the bios voltage configuration are as follows:


CPU: 1.376

NB/SB: 1.160

DDR: 2.128

FSB: 1.272


And the voltages taken from hardware monitor are as follows:


Voltage sensor 0 3.33 Volts [0xD0] (+3.3V)

Voltage sensor 1 1.38 Volts [0xAC] (CPU VCORE)

Voltage sensor 2 2.32 Volts [0x91] (VIN2)

Voltage sensor 3 0.11 Volts [0x9] (VIN3)

Voltage sensor 4 5.59 Volts [0x85] (+5V)

Voltage sensor 5 11.70 Volts [0x85] (+12V)

Voltage sensor 6 2.54 Volts [0x9F] (VIN6)

Voltage sensor 7 3.33 Volts [0xD0] (VSB3V)

Voltage sensor 8 3.46 Volts [0xD8] (VBAT)


Thanks in advance!

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Try 800 Mhz. You may be hitting the max of the motherboard's memory controller. Note that Corsair hasn't tested those 2 pairs together, so there's no guarantee from them either that 2 pairs will hit 1066. Could be mixing different ICs for example.
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Thanks for the update :)


The NB has a heatsink+fan installed and so hopefully raising the voltage will be okay.


Later today when I have time I will try to increase the NB and see if I can increase the memory speed.


Previously to increase the NB voltage I have been increasing the setting named "chipset" within the voltage settings. I can see that this does increase the NB/SB voltage however have a couple of question if anyknow can help. I've tried google to see if I can find an answer but couldn't find anything (that I could understand anyway)...


What does the setting "NB PLL voltage" do, and when should it be adjusted? I tried increasing it to see if the NB voltage increased but it didn't.


Also is it okay to increase the "chipset" voltage to give an increase to both the NB and the SB? The NB has addtionally cooling etc but the SB does not.



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I tried increasing the NB voltage to 1.35 and DDR voltage to 2.128 and trying the memory at a lesser speed of 999 MHz however this fails to boot.


Not sure if I should keep increasing the NB voltage of if I need to look to other bios settings.

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